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 Herodotus' Histories Book 3


 Cambyses II of Persia's (son of Cyrus II and king of Persia)

 attack on Egypt, and the defeat of the Egyptian king Psammetichus III.


Cambyses's abortive attack on EthiopiaThe madness of Cambyses.


The good fortune of Polycrates king of Samo sPeriander, the king of Corinth and Corcyra


 The revolt of the two Magi in Persia and the death of Cambyses


The conspiracy of the seven to remove the Magi


The rise of Darius I of Persia.The twenty satrapies


 Anabasis by Xenophon




History of the Persian Empire in a nutshell

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  Persian Empire

Royal Line


 The Seleucid Empire

323 - 60 B.C