The Rise of the Achaemenids



Cyrus the Great - Early Life


Cyrus conquers Lydia


Cyrus Conquers Parthia, Bactria...


Cyrus Conquers Babylonia


Death of Cryus (530 B.C.)


Cambyses II (~558 - 522 B.C.)


The conquest of Egypt


The Lost Army of Cambyses


The expedition to Ethiopia


The pretender to the Throne, Gaumata


Darius I ( r.522 - 486 BC )


Darius fights the pretender to the throne


Revolts in the Empire


The Behistun Inscription


Administrative Reforms of Darius


Expansion into India


The Scythian Expedition


Megabazus Conquers Thrace


Causes of the Greek Persian War


Mardonius' Disaster


The Battle of Marathon


Map of the Persian Empire

under Darius I

Xerxes I ( r. 485-465 B.C. )


War Council of Xerxes


The Army of Xerxes


The Navy of Xerxes


Queen Artemisia


The Canal andThe Bridge of Xerxes


The Greek Forces


The Battle of Thermopylae


Naval Battle of Salamis


Battle of Plataea


The murder of Xerxes


Artaxerxes I  ( r.465 to 424 B.C. )


Darius II  (r. 423 - 404 B.C )

Persia and the Peloponnesian war


Artaxerxes II (r. 436 358 B.C.)


Artaxerxes' Brother Cyrus tries for the Throne


The Battle of Cunaxa


Retreat of the 10,000 Greek Mercanaries under Xenophon


Artaxerxes III Ochus ( r. 358 BC to 338 BC )


Persia Resurgent


Artaxerxes IV Arses ( r. 338  to 336 BC. )


Darius III Codomannus ( r.  336 to 330 B.C. )


Alexander crosses the Hellespont


The Battle of Granicus 334 B.C


Reasons for Alexander's Success


The Battle of Issus 333 B.C.


The Battle of Gaugamela 331 B.C.





Achaemenid Art


Achaemenid Architecture


Achaemenid Military


Achaemenid  Society

The Persian Empire Royal Line


Audio books about the

Achaemenid Empire