The Seleucid Empire

323 - 60 B.C


Seleucus I Nicator

Σέλευκος Α΄ Νικάτωρ

The Seleucid Empire: A brief outline ( 323 - 60 B.C. )

The death of Alexander and the Diadochi Wars


The First War of the Diadochi, 322-320 BC


The Second War of the Diadochi, 319-315 BC


The Third War of the Diadochi, 314-311 BC


 Founding of the Seleucid Dynasty


The Fourth War of the Diadochi, 308-301 BC,


The Battle of Ipsus


 map of the Selecuid Empire after the battle of Ipsus 301 B.C.


Seleucus, the builder


Seleucid Administration


The Death of Seleucus


Antiochus I Soter( r. 281 - 261 BC. )


Antiochus II Theos (286?46 BC)


Bactrian Greek Revolt


Rise of the Parthans


victories of Ptolemaic Egypt


Seleucus II Callinicus ( r. 246-225 B.C.)


Antiochus III the Great (241-187 B.C.)


Map : Seleuid Empire around 200 B.C.


Seleucus IV Philopator (187-175 BC)


Further Decline




influence of the Seleucid Empire on Persia


Seleucid Religion, Architecture , Art


The Seleucid army