Persian Empire Royal Line



Legendary founder of the Persian or Achaemenid dynasty according to the Behistun inscription made by Darius I. No other evidence has been found for his existence. If Achaemenes was a really existened ,  he would have lived at the end of the 8th or the first part of the 7th century B.C.




(675?40 B.C.) Possible son of Achaemenes, captured the Elamite city of Anshan. This became the nucleus of what was to become the Persian Empire


Cyrus I

Son of Teispes,King of Anshan c.630 B.C., brother of Ariaramnes,King of Persia




Cambyses I

?-559 B.C. King of Anshan, Father of Cyrus the Great


Cyrus II, " The Great "

558-530B.C. King of Anshan

After 547 King of Parsa

Moved capital to Pasargadae



Cambyses II

529-523B.C., Son of Cyrus the Great

No heir .



r. 522 B.C.

Either a son of Cyrus the Great or an impersonator Magi priest who closely

 resembled the real Bardiya . Most likely the real Bardiya was murdered by Cambyses II who saw him as a rival .


Darius I  521-486 B.C.

Father was Hystaspes .

Cyrus the Great other son ( Bardiya) possibly secrectly murdered by Cambyses II.

Magi priest Guamata pretended to be Bardiya while Cambyses II away in Egypt.

Cambyses II dies on route to Persia to deal with Guamata.

Darius was the youngest of 3 possible heirs from an auxiliary branch of the Achaemenian family .

Darius I a bow-bearer in Cambyes II army, deposed Guamata, claims kingship.

Persian Empire reches its apex in size under his rule .

Builds summer capital of Persepolis



Xerxes I 485-465 B.C.

Son of Darius


Artaxerxes I 465-424 B.C.

Younger son of Xerxes


Xerxes II 424 B.C.

Son of Artaxerxes I, assassinated by brother Sogdianus


Sogdianus 424-423 B.C.

Son of Artaxerxes I,  murdered by calvary commander


Darius II 423-404 B.C.

Younger son of Artaxeres I


Artaxerxes II Mnemon 404-359 B.C.

Son of Darius II

Defeated and killed brother Cyrus the Younger,

who used Greek merc (Xenophon)


Artaxerxes III Ochus 359-338 B.C.

Son of artaxerxes II

May have been murdered by Bagoas


Artaxerxes IV Arses 338-336 B.C.

Younger son of Artaxerxes III .

Most of royal family murdered by eunuch vizer Bagoas.

Artaxerxes IV controlled by Bagoas .

Bogoas also murdered Artaxerxes IV, by poison .


Darius III 336-330 B.C.

Bagoas arranged for Darius III  ( grandnephew of Artaxerxes II ) to become king,

thinking he would be easier to control.

Darius III was more indeoendent than Bagoas liked, who planned

to kill Darius IIIwith poison.

Darius III was forewarned about poison and forced Bagoas to drink it .

Darius III murdered by Bactria satrap Bessus after Persian loss at Gaugamela,

end of Persian Empire.








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